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Spiritual Death

A role play journal for theafterlife_rp.

Thief in spirit, dreamer in soul.
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What is this, anyway?
A journal for theafterlife_rp, a multi-fandom role play. This journal will be for the character Thief King Bakura / Yami no Bakura.

Role play...?
Nothing important. Not something good children should waste time on.

Wait a minute - after life?
Our characters are all dead. Recently dead, long dead; doesn't matter - they're all dead now and are either lingering around the mortal realm or living in their afterlives. There is always a possibility that one could be reincarnated, but people usually don't talk about that aloud.

So...you all make up bad reasons and kill of characters?
Basically, yes. But I do believe my character is dead from the beginning.

That's rather strange.
Never said it wasn't.

(Go check the community if you really want some information. I just typed this up due to boredness.)

Name: Bakura
Titles: Thief King Bakura, Yami no Bakura
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Deck: Occult Deck (shared with Bakura Ryou).
Millennium Item: Millennium Ring. Briefly owned the Eye.
Host: None for now (formerly Bakura Ryou).

Birthdate: More than three thousand years ago.
Birthplace: Kul Elna of Ancient Egypt.
Deathdate: Sometime three thousand years ago.
Deathplace: Ancient Egypt.
Cause of Death: Battle. Spirit placed into Millennium Ring.
Arrival to Afterlife: Long after actual death.

Favorite Pasttime: Thieving his way.
Least Favorite Pasttime: Lazing about.
Favorite Person: None. At all.
Least Favorite Person: Pharaoh Atemu.
Favorite Food: Raw Meat and/or anything raw, really.
Least Favorite Food: Seafood.

(In case you haven't noticed, half of that is, in fact, pure crack and can be ignored.)

The last thing he remembered was being thrown around while the item that held his spirit was torn from him with the feeling of finally falling off the edge of sanity while he embraced true death and understood that he will be back and even if he doesn't, the pharaoh will be on the other side as well and he'd still have his revenge.

He also vaguely remembered a train ride, but it had been rather short and he wasn't sure what happened to it; even though he hated losing control of a situation, he was just glad that his spirit was in full shape at it's top form.

Looking around with careful observation, he took a step forward, only to notice a weight on his neck. Looking down, he realized that somehow, while the actual Millennium Ring have been sealed for good, a strange reproduction of the item still hung around his neck.

Perhaps it had died with him this time, and they'd both be around each other even longer.

Bakura briefly wondered if the other Millennium Items would have a form in this world as well and whether their powers would still be intact, but decided that was something he'd find out later. For now, he'd better find out more about his surroundings and form a plan on what he should do, exactly, with his afterlife.
/To be continued.../

(My application for the community. Sort of a setting on what Yami no Bakura would be like, and I'm mostly basing him on this one entry.)

- Does not remember train ride.
- Still has Ring, unsure of power.
- Has gone slightly insane. Trying to recollect his soul.

(Whatever's above is completely for my own uses, so as I don't make any mistakes while role playing.)