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Thief in spirit, dreamer in soul.

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Test #3: Magic, and teaching subject. [21 Feb 2006|09:06pm]
(OOC/ Contains swear-words and such...not that you weren't expecting it XD)

Again, he's not here. He had surprisingly said he'd be willing to learn, but he's still not here and while I have all the time in the world, I was never one to lie around listlessly. I'm going to blame everything on the fucking buildings that are forever bloody shifting around here, but unfortunately I'm sane enough to realize that wouldn't help anything.

Damn afterlife.

And I sure as hell am not getting drunk again, especially when I nearly met up with the damn bitch of a pharoah. And yes, again I am fully aware that said person is likely going to see this. If he has the guts to reply...

Anyway, progress on testing. Apparently the whole thought-bending still works, though it takes longer seeing as people here are plain souls, stronger than those living in an actual Ra-damned body. I managed to make several people turn left instead of right. (Don't you even dare say how pitiful that was. But hurting people in the afterlife would be pointless and I'm living on my own fuckin' low life source so shut up shut up or I'll do something severe to your throat-)

I've tried the easiest spell to open up a route to the Shadow Realm, but it hasn't worked. I would like to try stronger spells, but apparently I'm again too tired for that.

And as a side note, the books here are crap. And I can't manage to figure out how to make them give me something interesting, or anything close to what the brat used to read. And yes, landlord - surprise? I actually find what you read interesting.
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Test #2: Host, Ring, Magic. [12 Feb 2006|04:08pm]
I suppose I should start changing my habit of calling him 'host'. After all, it's been a while since I actually held control over his body...Perhaps apprentice would do? It would be rather amusing, but the title doesn't fit. He's not officially learning anything from me yet, anyway.

This could prove to be far more interesting than I thought. Say, what do you think, landlord?

Apparently while meeting up, I got a reaction out of the Rings. It's faded since then, but I could still catch enough of it to track back it's source. Unfortunately, it forked into two and ended up in both me and my former host's Ring. The Millennium Items are tied with souls; my entire village is inside them - which could only mean they're possibly alive, in a form unlike us living beings. I felt something earlier, it would be likely I shall again.

And there's Shadow Magic. After a small test (bigger tests will have to wait) on the empty bottles lying around (I found a use for them - getting drunk does have it's purposes), it can work perfectly, if not smoother than it was. My host (previous, ex-, whatever) had showed a little interest on the subject; perhaps he will prove to be quite useful.

I've made a basic array with the empty bottles. Should he chose to learn, I'd be ready; if not, it has other uses.
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(Drunk.) [09 Feb 2006|01:16am]
can't think straight
not here
hes'' not here yetttttttttt

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Declarations are strange. I mean it. [06 Feb 2006|01:04am]
My previous host just declared that he's going to try and find me. Come and see me. My previous host. The shy one that's supposed to be too timid to do anything but sit there waiting for evil spirits (i.e. me, thank you very much) to possess him.

Yeah, that one. He's going to come and see me.

Actually see me.

Honestly, to tell you the truth - I don't know a thing about him. I wasn't interested in his angsty little past, and unlike what so many others believe, I do not read his thoughts; why would I be interested in what a white-haired puny little kid is thinking? Good hosts shouldn't have any thoughts anyway.

And now said host is coming to see me.

Honestly, I have no idea why. It's not like we ever talked back then. Unless he actually thinks we're friends?

No way. No bloody fucking way.

I need a good drink. Wait - one just appeared.

Apparently as this is afterlife things come half-automatically. I'm getting drunk before he comes.
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Test #1: On Ring. [03 Feb 2006|05:59pm]
I had the time (What am I talking about? I have all the time in the world.) to test out the Ring hanging around my neck, and apparently it's former power of locating the other Millenium Items doesn't exist anymore. I don't have any way of actually knowing if it's because the actual Items were destroyed and whatever's around my neck is merely a copy of what used to be, or the Items still exist and this thing is just an illusion.

I'm not that eager on finding the pharaoh this soon though. I have yet to find out about this place, and I haven't tested any Shadow Magic yet. I wanted to, but I figured I should at least wait until my spirit has had it's rest. Somehow I've been slightly tired ever since I arrived here; perhaps it's because I haven't been living on myself since three thousand years ago?

Speaking of living in something, apparently my previous host had died as well, from a car crash no less. After kicking me out and going through the trouble of throwing my spirit out of the mortal realm, he decided to go and get in a car crash. Why couldn't he have at least allowed me to use his body longer? (And yes, host - I know you can and probably will read this.) I had hoped that since he's some form of my reincarnation onto the world, I might be able to use a spell that could allow me to do my work upon the living; I suppose by dying he has again put a stop to one of my plans. Oh well, no matter; I'll still find a way.
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(More of a draft, just testing the character and everything.) [01 Feb 2006|07:38pm]
I have been dead for a long time. Even so, I remembered the first time I died, when the pain ripped through my body and tore away at everything I am, until I was covered in darkness and darkness only. Then I learnt to embrace it - the beauty of the dark, the pure ebony color that covers my spirit entirely.

And, from time to time, I would be allowed to reach into the light, pulling things into the darkness with the power I willed.

Then I met that Ra damned pharaoh again, and everything went wrong. I lost to him once; I knew I couldn't afford to lose twice. But I did - I did, and I know that for now, for now it'd be all over for me.

That would be the second time I died.

It doesn't matter now anyway. Arriving into afterlife isn't going to stop me, and I hardly believe it's going to stop that stupid pharaoh either. He's a gamer, I am one as well - we are bound to even go against each other here.

I'm waiting for it.

No one is going to force me to stay here. I'll find a way to leave, sooner or later. For now, there's no reason to fight the pharaoh, seeing as we're both dead. But as soon as one of us finds a way to return to the world of living, the game will began again.

I've been trying to bring dead people to alive since I was ten; I can go on with that. I have yet to know what I'm going to do on this afterlife, but it will be a preparation for my later work.

I'm looking forward to everything.
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